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February 2, 2009

Her Name Was Uma Singh

Former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba Mourns Journalist Uma SinghKilled January 14th 2009, Uma Singh, 26, was a vocal critic of government corruption and questioned indigenous traditions such as caste discrimination in Nepal, a country that lies between India and China. Singh was butchered by a group of 15 men who burst into her apartment and murdered her in the southern city of Janakpur while her neighbors stood by helplessly. Her neighbors reported hearing the killers say: "This is for writing so much".

This killing follows the three-year disappearance of her father and brother who are long suspected to have been kidnapped and killed by Maoist paramilitaries.

Her death has triggered a series of public protests against the Maoist Government (The Maoist People's Liberation Army or PLA) which, after a decade-long bloody insurgency, now controls Nepal.

The Prime Minister of Nepal, Pushpa Kamal Dahal (aka Prachanda), after taking office warned a large crowd in Kathmandu the nation's capital that "- we will no longer tolerate criticism..." And recently, attacks on journalists in Nepal has become endemic. The federation released a year-end report, recording 284 incidents including three deaths and a kidnapping.

Four unnamed men are currently being held in connection with the brutal execution of Uma Singh. Additionally, on May 4th 2009, totalitarian ruler Prime Minister Prachanda resigned from office.

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